Set against the backdrop of today's US urban renaissance and increasing hype from national media outlets, Northsiders want to see their praises sung and to have their (deserved) spot as a top 5 desirable Urban US destination. You couldn't pay me enough to move to NYC from here.However geography is destiny and the city limits include many areas that are plagued with violence. I think Northsiders are frustrated that their \”brand\” is impaired nationally, when locals know that those areas are so universally shunned that it really is two different cities. I am optimistic however, that as the city gentrifies and goes from ~1/3 \”global\” to 1/2 over the next say… 10-15 years, at that point the tax base grow into our fiscal issues and we can actually invest dollars in our communities that will (hopefully) penetrate to the chronic issues we see in the less desirous neighborhoods.