Pete: Thanks for reposting this February 2014 piece, which was pre-Ferguson. Clearly your statement where you say, \”I use Chicago as the example, but I suspect that this trend is similar in virtually all Rust Belt cities\” is being proven out now that we see the 2010-2014 data for St. Louis, Detroit and Cincinnati (as you and I have traded emails about). Again thanks for digging out this 2005-2012 data for Chicago. As I write about the 2010-2014 trends locally here in Cincinnati, my being able to cite the 2005-2012 data from Chicago will help me make the case that these trends (declining population of blacks in the cities, a big rise in black population in the suburbs, white moving into cities, and Latinos moving into Midwestern metros but at a faster rate in the 'burbs) are emerging and continuing across most (if not all) Midwestern cities.