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CSY Keeps On Going


I used to commute regularly from my home in the Chicago suburbs to my job in the Loop.  It was a 40-minute express train ride, and I made a habit of riding in one of the quiet cars (one of Metra’s greatest ideas) to catch a few winks or enjoy some peaceful contemplation.  I’d often find my mind wandering about any of a thousand topics.  I decided to make use of my laptop and write my thoughts down.

I’d been a follower and frequent commenter of Aaron Renn’s Urbanophile blog.  We corresponded directly on a few occasions, when he reached out to me to say he liked the insight I brought to a particular topic.  I had been picking away at an essay that captured some thoughts, but had no idea of any kind of outlet for it.  I was a novice who had no professional writing experience.  At any rate, I asked Aaron to take a look at it, and let me know what he thought.

Aaron loved it, and asked permission to publish it on his blog.  Five years ago yesterday, Aaron published that piece and thrust me into unfamiliar territory.  Five years ago today, I kicked off this blog.  After 425 posts I’m still around.

I want to thank the numerous visitors who have come here to read, learn, comment, and critique the stuff I’ve written about.  I still feel as if I’ve been thrust into unfamiliar territory, but believe me, I’ve enjoyed the journey.

Here’s to (at least) five more years.

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